Dr. Harland Whateley

Professor of Archaeology at Arkham University. Expert in Ancient Languages


“I lack the vocabulary to exaggerate what I witnessed in that room.”


Using their age, profession and EDU score as a guide, what kind of schooling did your investigator have? lives on the very outskirts of Dunwich country, nearly equidistant between Dunwich and Aynesbury. He was always a keen and clever boy, and would read whenever he could. His great uncle, a prominent man of the Whateley clan proper, took a liking to him and helped to make sure that Harland got as good an early education as possible. In his youth, Harland was rather dismissive of the folk he was surrounded by, not wanting to be classified among them as a country bumpkin. He became enamored of academia, and swore he would leave Dunwich one day to attend college, and never return. When he came of age he simply left, walked to Aynesbury and hitched a ride to Arkham. When he arrived in Arkham he got a job working as a shop clerk and applied to Miskatonic University. Though his education had many gaps, he made a strong impression on several professors and was accepted with their recommendations.

Harland Whateley is the second son of Mr. Curtis Whateley, a farmer who

If they have a college education, where did they go, and what degrees do they hold? Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, a Master’s degree in Ancient Languages, and a Doctorate in Archaeology (graduated May 1915). Sanskrit, where he worked with some of the prominent members of the Theosophical Society, which he eventually joined primarily to advance his career. During his doctoral studies he participated in some digs in Egypt. It was at this time that he met Julia Young, an MU student working on her Master’s degree in archaeology They worked together often, and fell in love. alumni of Miskatonic University and member of the Theosophical Society in India, and residential faculty at Miskatonic University, he was hired as a professor of archaeology at MU almost immediately after graduation. Harland received his tenure in January 1917 on the basis of his effectiveness as a professor and several prominent publications of translations of documents in various ancient languages. accepted. Before they were married, however, the US entered the Great War.

Just after receiving tenure he asked Ms. Young to marry him, and she

What did your character do during the Great War? (July 1914-Nov 1918 (U.S. joined April of 1917)) commission based on his education. Due to his mastery of languages he was given command of a small unit that was attached to a British unit operating in Arabia, whose primary purpose was to influence Arabian tribes to participate on behalf of the Allies. negotiations with tribal leaders. During these talks Whateley also asked many questions pertinent to Anthropology and learned of a location that was of potential significance to the fields of Archeology and Anthropology. He received permission to take his unit to do a preliminary survey of the location. something happened. Cpt. Whateley regained consciousness lying on the desert floor in the midst of his ruined camp with no memory of what had transpired, and found himself to be the sole survivor. some sort of ambush by a hostile tribe, and Cpt. Whateley must have been knocked unconscious early on by a blow to the head and had been assumed dead by the enemy. As the investigation was ending, so did the Great War, and Whateley returned to the States and assumed his position once more at MU. Whateley made several requests to return to the site where his unit was massacred, but was denied more firmly with each attempt. returned to the US transformed from a wide-eyed optimistic youth to a cynical and bitter man. He had lost his faith in the superiority of academia as well as the trustworthiness of the government. Most who observed this change put it down to combat fatigue, a believable explanation since many who returned from the Great War bore psychological scars. Not long after Whateley returned from the war, Ms. Young broke off their engagement because he had changed so much from the man she had loved.

Dr. Whateley's experience in Arabia scarred him psychologically, and he

Why did your character join the Miskatonic Area Paranormal Society? deaths of the soldiers under his command, and has since been plagued by strange dreams that seem to hint at what really happened. out books and documents both recent and ancient, in the hopes that he might understand more of the deeper mysteries of the world, and therefore gain some understanding of what happened to him in Arabia. This includes corresponding with other members of the Theosophical Society and members of various hermetic orders around the world (including O.T.O. and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and even a couple of letters with Aleister Crowley). He also closely tracks auctions that include sales of old books, which he frequently attends in the hopes of purchasing obscure and overlooked books of lore. surreptitious about his occult inquiries. He writes to occult societies (with the exception of the Theosophical Society) using a pseudonym, and does not publicly proclaim his beliefs and suspicions. He also does not flaunt his membership in the Theosophical Society except in particularly receptive company. He allows no visitors, not even his house servant, into the third story of his Arkham house. On the third story of his house is a study in which he keeps his occult library and another room which he has adapted into a magickal workroom for performing rituals and meditations. the occult, as well as his significant expertise in anthropology, archaeology, and many important ancient languages. When the offer to join MAPS was extended, Dr. Whateley could not pass it up. He sees MAPS as an opportunity to learn more about the mysterious and arcane aspects of the world in a way that can be pursued openly with some real credibility behind it. He is outwardly dismissive of the existence of the supernatural, but secretly hopes to encounter the supernatural. He has also asked the Professor Merriweather to be discrete about his interest in the occult.

The professor that organizes MAPS took notice of Dr. Whateley's interest in

What kind of future goals does your character have? joining MAPS will give him the opportunity to study the volumes kept under lock and key at the MU library, which he has long desired to study but has avoided requesting access to because there was never a way he could do so without attracting too much attention to his interest in the occult. where his unit was wiped out to find out what really happened there, and to discover what secrets he can from there.

What Dr. Whateley desires (and fears) the most is to return to the site

Other: and James, who all live near the family farm and work there. His older brother Wallace died in Europe in the last few months of the Great War. All five of the Whateley brothers enlisted and fought in the Great War, though Harland was the only one to become an officer. tenacious and fairly healthy man. His mother, Clara, died in childbirth when James was born. Harland was five years old when she died. potatoes in addition to keeping cattle and chicken. The farm has never been very profitable, at least not until prohibition. Now the farm’s primary product is home brewed alcohol, primarily made from potatoes. Harland’s father has agreements with the Irish mafia in Arkham, and Harland makes weekly deliveries to them. speakeasies he delivers to. Greece, who cooks and cleans in exchange for modest pay as well as room and board and tutoring in the English language.

Dr. Whateley also has a live-in “servant”, an older immigrant woman from

Dr. Harland Whateley

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